November 14


I’m hoping that we get to know each other better, and we become closer friends.

I’m anticipating that we will have lots of fun and work together.

I’m hoping that camp will be lots of fun like the first school camp I  went to at my old school, but I think it will be even more fun because there are nicer people.


The best part was: Going canoeing because we played lots of games and some people fall into the water.

The funniest thing was: When people fell into the water when we were canoeing.

The hardest part was: Going to sleep at night because everyone in my cabin was talking and you could hear the people talking in the room next to you.

Something I learned: Teamwork is “KEY.”

Someone I got to know better: Jacob Wingett.

Something that surprised me was: How organised everyone at the camp was.

Most memorable part: The campfire and roasting the marshmallows.

October 17

Macquarie Island’s: Royal Penguin

The Royal penguin is a native bird to Macquarie Island. The Group “Conservation Of Nature” is trying to prevent the extinction of the Royal Penguin.


Identification: The Royal penguin is a small penguin with strips of yellow hair and a bright orange beak. Some of the Royal penguins have a white chin and others have black (white chins are more common than black chins).


Food: The Royal Penguins usually eat small Shrimp, Krill, Lantern Fish, Squid and more.


Behaviour: The behaviour of the Royal penguins are often passive but during hunting time they usually get aggressive also when another penguin tries to steal its food it gets angry.


Habitat: The Royal Penguin lives on Macquarie island. Macquarie island is a good home for them because it has lots of rocks grass and small plants which if a predator comes it can get away quickly because it is use to all the rocks, grass and plants.


Are The Royal Penguins Endangered?: No, they aren’t but they are very close to being endangered, because…


Breeding: Royal penguins have a cycle beginning when the males arrive in September to get a nest then the females arrive in October and lay their eggs, in the middle of October to late October, with the babies hatching around 30 days later.



September 6

Reflection On Parliament House and state Library


When we walked into the state library we walked around for a bit then we found some records of some of the presidents of parliament.


At Parliament house we went into both of the debating rooms (First one i cant remember the name of and the Second was the Royal Debating room in the first room all 
around us as pure gold! When we got introduced to the first room we had a topic to debate about call "Tobacco Bill" after all the debating was over we got to meet 
Neil Angus.  

July 12

Reviews On Stuff

Independence Day 2

Rating: If I had to rate this movie I would rate It ⭐⭐. Because they use the same jokes and the people in it was different.

What I Liked: I liked how they there was a lot more action in this movie

What I Disliked: I disliked how they changed all the characters and how they changed the date to five years later and how advanced they made the future with all the cars hovering and buildings floating.

My Favourite Part: My favourite part of the movie was when one the big alien ship use its magnetic force and everything went flying into it.


A Thailand/Chinese Restaurant

Rating: If I had to rate this restaurant I would rate it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ because they had a panda theme and they had really nice bamboo plates and the food was very tasty.

What I Liked: I really liked how they had a mixture of different types of food that you would not always find together.

What I Disliked: To be honest i really did not dislike anything.

My Favourite Thing There Was… My favourite thing there was their creativity and the bamboo plates that my made out of real bamboo.

March 16

My Little Buddy’s Blog Post!

Hello world, My name is Ken.

My favorite Animal is the Cheetah. My Favorite Food is Tacos And They Mexico! 

My Age is 6 years of old I am the oldest in prep.

My favorite place to go to is Bounce INC.

My Favorite band Is One Direction!

My favorite movie is Movie is Star Wars 7 The force awakens.

I love the dinosaur is The Great Huge T-Rex

My Lucky Number is 40

My favorite emoji is the   

February 2

My Basketball Writing Peace

My Basketball Writing Peace


As I crawled out of the car with my basketball clothes on, I slowly walked into the basketball stadium where my team was waiting for me. Unfortunately one of my 10 teammates was injured so he didn’t play any of the game which was very sad for him.


Then all of a sudden the game started we went on the court, the center for my team one the jump ball and I got the ball and shot the ball and got it in plus a foul I shot the foul shot and got it in the score was 3 – 0 our way, then they got the ball up the court and they tried to shot a 3 pointer and missed the shot and i got the rebound then i past  the ball to my teammate then he shot the ball and got a 3 pointer.


Then The First Quarter Was Over And The Score Was  6 – 0 Our Way.


second quarter started. It was the opposition’s ball the got it up the court and out of nowhere the ball popped “BANG” everyone got a fright, then the referees got a new ball and we kept on playing and in about 5 minutes the score was 38 – 14 our way. The crowd was screaming because we were having a great game. 10 seconds left and I got the ball 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second left I shot the ball quarter court and I got it in and plus a foul and I shot  the free throw and got it in.


The end of the game score was 41 – 18 AND WE WON!
The End 



November 27

Whole Year Reflection

Term One

This term my class has done a board on our school high lights.
Our first one is maths negative numbers for that we watched a song that was called “MATHS NEGATIVE NUMBERS” EVERYONE was laughing and we had to dance to it to very sad.

Then we did a making an actor picture and if he/she had a big chin we had to exaggerate the big chin. It was fun I did “Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Then we did a graffiti art peace and for  that we had to do our names in graffiti THAT WAS MY FAVORITE TASK FOR THE TERM!

Then we made a zentangels lots of people did squiggle lines.


Term Two.

Hello today i’ll going to be talking to you about the schools term!

I Hope You Enjoy It!

This term my school has been learning about Famous Australians, I learnt about Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

  In religion we learnt about the genesis, the genesis is the a story related to like Noah’s Ark.

I’n literacy we have been taking notes on a topic like the environment and mental health.

 Term Three 

In maths we have been doing lots of  Bodmas. See if you can figer out this hard sum 3x= 12= 4?

Our first one is maths negative numbers for that we watched a song that was called “MATHS NEGATIVE NUMBERS” EVERYONE was laughing and we had to dance to it to very sad.