February 27

clean up Australia day :)

Today the whole school went and did a clean up the school day witch is called clean up Australia day.

My class went and did the church and the front of the school the environment team made this happen we had to pick up all the rubbish in our place we didn’t have to clean up that much rubbish 🙂

So that was good also we got to have lots of fun dressing up in cleaning cloths and after that we got to have two lollies each we got to pick who was the best dressed person the pick was hard because the two people had very creative cloths on in the end the pick was very close the count was…………. nine to seven.

But i think we all had a fun day.



February 25

About me

Hello I’m Jack

I play in lots basketball my teams are two under 12’s and one under 14’s.  I also play for a representative team called the Vikings.  At school I have lots of friends called Riley’G, Jackson, Ryan, Zac, Piers, Peter, Tully, Jake, Will, Brandon,  Angelo, James, Will My hobbies are basketball.   I like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Earvin Johnson




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February 20

Sugary Science

On Friday we got to see John Pearce a really nice and funny guy. He was great.  He taught us about atoms and molecules. We got to be liquids. We got to order our items  from liquid to solid and gases. I learnt that most things we do is science and we all are scientists. I also learnt that there is a lot of thing to find out and its going to be a while till science stops.  I think it was good how it was a incursion so no notes or buses and things like that.  I loved it how we got to hold sugar and the best part is that we got to eat it. It was really entertaining how everyone was involved and we where  moving around the hall a lot over all we all had fun.



February 9

Hello world!

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