June 24

Our Reflection On Our Term

Hello 🙂

This term my class has done a board on our school high lights.
Our first one is maths negative numbers for that we watched a song that was called “MATHS NEGATIVE NUMBERS” EVERYONE was laughing and we had to dance to it to very sad.

Then we did a making an actor picture and if he/she had a big chin we had to exaggerate the big chin. It was fun I did “Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Then we did a graffiti art peace and for  that we had to do our names in graffiti THAT WAS MY FAVORITE TASK FOR THE TERM!

Then we made a zentangels lots of people did squiggle lines.





June 23

The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road
On one sunny morning there was a little boy called Riley he went out of his house one day. He lived in a very small street. That day was a very nice and warm day the sunny was out and Riley called the sun happy Ryan.

Riley was s, popular, happy, sporty, funny he had brown fluffy hair, brown eye’s, he was very very fast, thoughtful and strong.
One day Connor went looking for some berry’s and then suddenly he found a GINORMOUS Yellow Brick Road and then a sign astonishingly popped up out of the road and it said BERRY’S! 10 kilometers north and then the sign popped out of the ground and the a yellow rabbit popped out of the hole and then Riley said “WOW! a yellow rabbit I never new that there was a such thing as a yellow rabbit in my world” then suddenly six more rabbits hopped out of the hole and then on said “OH hello there human” and then Riley yelled out “ARRR YOUR A TALKING RABBIT?” the Rabbit said “yes haven’t you heard of us rabbit’s?” no said Riley “well this is the Yellow Brick Road well any way i have to go and pick some berries for dinner tonight” hey guess what i’m going to pick some berries to” and then after that long conversation Riley and the seven little Yellow rabbits went along to this wied named place called (THE GREAT BERRY PICK HOLE GROUND) and then they got there and then a little red tasty plump berry dropped onto his head and then fell into his dry hands the rabbits said “go on eat the little Berry PLEASE!” so he did.
Then all of a sudden he Fell Straight to the ground and made a big HUMP!!!!!!! then the rabbits said “HAHAHAHAHAHA he fell for it” then a berry fell on their heads and then they eat it and then they knew it was a BERRY BOMB oh NO!!!!! and then they died the end of the rabbits or is it…

At that moment Riley woke up with a fright and said can i please have a berry mum? and then there was no answer then a tiger can along and said “Hello im Connor why are you stuck up their?” I don’t know can you please help me Connor ”ok” said happy little tiger Connor and then they walk down the Yellow Brick Road.
That night it was very Very Very cold and then Riley said “ow i’m very very cold” and then Connor said “Come here i will warm you UP! “ok” ok said Riley.
Then the next morning Riley and Connor walk back to Riley’s house and then Riley said “if you want you can stay here or even live in there with me? “I get very very lonely” 🙁 “OK” said Connor then Riley said YAY I won’t be lonely any more.

After a month Riley and Connor were best friends and Riley has now made a [GIANT TOWER] for Connor and they both live together for ever and the also are best friends!.


June 17

My Classes VERY Fun Maths Lesson!

Hello today on the 17 of June my senior class had a maths lesson!

It was not just a boring maths lesson it was a GREAT maths lesion we had to cooperate to make a big cube out of wood and metal.

After that we had to find out how big the cube was it was……….

1,000,000,000,000 cubic center meters and that was the volume was 1,000,000,000,000 witch is a mega cube!

After we made it we had to try and fit people in it. We put the little people in first. They took up all 10 people.
Then we had to do us tall people and we got 9 people witch is very good.

June 3


Today i’m going to be talking about all of my post’s.
My first one is my homework wordle a wordle is when you mix all of your words up onto an app called wordle or if its on your IPAD, IPOD or android its called word salad so what you do is you put all of your words onto the the draft and if you are happy with it it will save then you can upload it onto a program.