July 28

James Dixon HOMEWORK

James Dixon was born in 1758. He was an Irish priest he also was a “Roman Catholic Priest”. He died in 1840 so he was 82 years of age which in the 1700’s to 1800’s was very rare. The people were still recovering from the Irish famine which was caused by very rainy, cold and windy weather. That was bad because crops will NOT grow in these kinds of weather. He also was very crazy about God so in that case he was a BIG catholic person.

James was found guilty of rebellion and sentenced to death. But he was mistaken for his brother Nicholas and was reprieved.

July 26

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July 17

MAGICAL maps!!!!!!!!!!

This term during maths my grade has been doing mapping! 

This term we had to know how to map. Lots of people did not want to do mapping but in the end everyone loved it.

Here is some activitieswe did:

On Monday we had to look at an Atlas and drew an Asian country. We also had a partner, my  partner and I drew Thailand. Then th had to write all of the places in it. We really liked that task.

 On Tuesday we watched a video on “How Aboriginals make maps”. We learnt that the Aboriginals made doted patterns and symbols. Then we made a map of Australia. For that we had to name all the places, lakes, towns, city’s, landmarks and mountain ranges. We all (REALLY LIKE THAT TASK).

On Wednesday we learnt about what types of maps there are.

On Thursday we had to make a map and give directions, then we had to try one of our friends maps, I did my friend Peter’s he put lots of information into his map. It was great.

Today “Friday” we made a great big maze map, we had to put information on where the end of the map was. When we did that we gave it to someone then they had to finger out how to do it. To be honest this was my favorite task. 

AND BITHANKS TO Mrs. Griddley for making this possible.