September 17

This Team Reflection.

Hello today i’ll going to be talking to you about the schools term!

I Hope You Enjoy It!

This term my school has been learning about Famous Australians, I learnt about Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

In maths we have been doing lots of  Bodmas. See if you can figer out this hard sum 3x= 12= 4?

  In religion we learnt about the genesis, the genesis is the a story related to like Noah’s Ark.

I’n literacy we have been taking notes on a topic like the environment and mental health.

Tell me if you have soled the problem!

BYE 🙂   



September 11

Mini Fair Time!

Today my school had a Mini Fair, my class did a hair spray the other classes did how many lollies in the jar, Book Stall, chocolate toss, cakes, Toy Sale’s and lots lots more.
I did some face painting and hair spray, the Mini Fair was for donating to Bahay Tuluyan so the children in the Philippines and to get the kids a rice fields and education.
The day was very existing and very fun and enjoyable.
Over all i love it!     
September 10

Learning From Students-

Being a learner from students and learning about poetry it has been an AWESOME experience!

My favorite type of poem was the List Poems, Villinale Poem and The Diamante Poem.

I did my poem on a lantern poem I learnt lots of new stuff and to be honest i don’t know that it was a real type of poem!

Here is my list poem!








steel the ball


and one more!



Grass Enilernater’s

Milk Masters

Mooing Mistorys

NON-Clever cows.

We all have done a very good different type of poem i think all the type of reaserch.

Lantern poem facts:

The Lantern poem was made in Japan, the Haiku poem is like the Lantern poem. If you have 4 lines in a row you will have to have 4 syllables. The Chinese people think of the lantern poem’s as calming.  

On May 8th Saturday, marks the first chinese Lantern poem of the year. The first lantern poem was made in 1854 the creature was 96 when he died.



September 4

Villanelle Poem

Summertime is long and hot.

The days are filled with laughter and play.

Of this time throughout the year, is thought.


Swinging into a lake from a rope’s knot

Is an activity for an entire day.

summertime is long and hot.


Days contain games of tag and being caught

While having a ball

Summertime is long and hot.

While running through sprinklers with hopes

Of catching a spray in your face

Of this time throughout the year is thought.


So you know that

Summertime is long and hot

so if you have a pool you know what to do!


Have a splash and a gash in your pool or beach

and cool down this summertime,

by letting the water splash and gash on you face.

September 2

Albert Jacka

Today we read the “One Minute Silence” 

Albert Jacka was the first Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross in world war 1 he made lots of posters to encourage lots of people.

He was in the western front.

To Be Continued…