September 10

Learning From Students-

Being a learner from students and learning about poetry it has been an AWESOME experience!

My favorite type of poem was the List Poems, Villinale Poem and The Diamante Poem.

I did my poem on a lantern poem I learnt lots of new stuff and to be honest i don’t know that it was a real type of poem!

Here is my list poem!








steel the ball


and one more!



Grass Enilernater’s

Milk Masters

Mooing Mistorys

NON-Clever cows.

We all have done a very good different type of poem i think all the type of reaserch.

Lantern poem facts:

The Lantern poem was made in Japan, the Haiku poem is like the Lantern poem. If you have 4 lines in a row you will have to have 4 syllables. The Chinese people think of the lantern poem’s as calming.  

On May 8th Saturday, marks the first chinese Lantern poem of the year. The first lantern poem was made in 1854 the creature was 96 when he died.



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