October 12

My Holiday Post

On third day of the holidays i went to a basketball tournament for my Representative basketball team, we came second out of 15 teams in under 16’s. That same day we went over to my beach house in Blairgowrie we first went out to the beach to see how ruff the beach was and also to see if we could put our big boat out. The next day some of my brothers friends came over my brother told me to bring the PlayStation remotes over but he said it in a bad voice and he did’t say please so i did’t, but his friend got 4 remotes and brought them over.

That night me and my dad made a fan out of recycled materials and it real made you cold! Then we hooked the boat up and headed down to the beach and we all made my brother put the boat in the water, it was very VERY funny because he got the boat in and he jumped in and tipped the boat luckily it was the small boat not the big boat, HE WAS SOAKED.

Over all at the end of the adventure we me and my dad plus dog were driving home we stopped at a food thingy and i said “You can get me any thing” and he got me a Big M and it was and egg flip one it was different.

When we got home my dog jumped onto her bed and brooked it.

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2 thoughts on “My Holiday Post

  1. adamksl

    Hey Jack, I thought U did an awesome post here and I liked how U described all the cool things U did over time
    from Adam


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