February 2

My Basketball Writing Peace

My Basketball Writing Peace


As I crawled out of the car with my basketball clothes on, I slowly walked into the basketball stadium where my team was waiting for me. Unfortunately one of my 10 teammates was injured so he didn’t play any of the game which was very sad for him.


Then all of a sudden the game started we went on the court, the center for my team one the jump ball and I got the ball and shot the ball and got it in plus a foul I shot the foul shot and got it in the score was 3 – 0 our way, then they got the ball up the court and they tried to shot a 3 pointer and missed the shot and i got the rebound then i past  the ball to my teammate then he shot the ball and got a 3 pointer.


Then The First Quarter Was Over And The Score Was  6 – 0 Our Way.


second quarter started. It was the opposition’s ball the got it up the court and out of nowhere the ball popped “BANG” everyone got a fright, then the referees got a new ball and we kept on playing and in about 5 minutes the score was 38 – 14 our way. The crowd was screaming because we were having a great game. 10 seconds left and I got the ball 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second left I shot the ball quarter court and I got it in and plus a foul and I shot  the free throw and got it in.


The end of the game score was 41 – 18 AND WE WON!
The End 



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