October 17

Macquarie Island’s: Royal Penguin

The Royal penguin is a native bird to Macquarie Island. The Group “Conservation Of Nature” is trying to prevent the extinction of the Royal Penguin.


Identification: The Royal penguin is a small penguin with strips of yellow hair and a bright orange beak. Some of the Royal penguins have a white chin and others have black (white chins are more common than black chins).


Food: The Royal Penguins usually eat small Shrimp, Krill, Lantern Fish, Squid and more.


Behaviour: The behaviour of the Royal penguins are often passive but during hunting time they usually get aggressive also when another penguin tries to steal its food it gets angry.


Habitat: The Royal Penguin lives on Macquarie island. Macquarie island is a good home for them because it has lots of rocks grass and small plants which if a predator comes it can get away quickly because it is use to all the rocks, grass and plants.


Are The Royal Penguins Endangered?: No, they aren’t but they are very close to being endangered, because…


Breeding: Royal penguins have a cycle beginning when the males arrive in September to get a nest then the females arrive in October and lay their eggs, in the middle of October to late October, with the babies hatching around 30 days later.



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