November 14


I’m hoping that we get to know each other better, and we become closer friends.

I’m anticipating that we will have lots of fun and work together.

I’m hoping that camp will be lots of fun like the first school camp I  went to at my old school, but I think it will be even more fun because there are nicer people.


The best part was: Going canoeing because we played lots of games and some people fall into the water.

The funniest thing was: When people fell into the water when we were canoeing.

The hardest part was: Going to sleep at night because everyone in my cabin was talking and you could hear the people talking in the room next to you.

Something I learned: Teamwork is “KEY.”

Someone I got to know better: Jacob Wingett.

Something that surprised me was: How organised everyone at the camp was.

Most memorable part: The campfire and roasting the marshmallows.

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