November 25

Jaw-Bone Sanctuary

On Friday the five and six’s went to Jaw Bone  Sanctuary.

The reason why we went to the Jaw-Bone  Sanctuary  was to learn how to look after our Environment.

We have to look after the Environment so God and Jesus know’s we can be trusted with the wonderful gift.

At Jaw-Bone  Sanctuary we looked at the sea’s and we found some Mangroves just over a hill (Mangroves are a small plant that grows where there is a limited amount of sea solt and not much water), Rocks, Sea Weed, grass, Sea Gulls, Shells and lots more!

Close to the end of the trip we found a bird watch, We all found some Sea gulls, Pidgins and geese.


The Jaw Bone Sanctuary Use To Be A Firing Range?

Its A Sacred Place To The Aboriginals!

BYE  🙂

November 11

My Reflection On Australian Animals

Hello, I have been reaching an animal called the Long-Nosed Potoroo.

Today we shared at our tables what we learnt while researching our Australian animal. On my table there was Jacob , Riley, Mia and Ashling. I learnt how Echidna hide from predictors,what they eat and much more. Jack did the Long nosed Potoroo, Mia did the Echidna as well as Ashling, Jacob did the great white shark and I did the Long-Nosed Potoroo .I think I did well but i think I needed to have a bit more information.

October 20

Homework My FAVOURITE BIOME!!! :)

My favourite biome is the rainforest. They are very warm and wet. It is also a very beautiful and peaceful place. They are very important to our world. They give us oxygen that we breathe. Some of the wild life that live in the rainforest include: frogs, crocodiles, butterflies, fish, snakes, birds and many more. I particularly like the rainforests that are in North Queensland. I have been there and witnessed all the beautiful features it has such as its amazing waterfall.

I Really like this biome please tell me what your favourite biome is


By Me Jack


October 14

Conservation Of Animals

Did you know that the tassie devils are very close to extinction and the Baw Baw Frogs these two types of animals are one of the MOST endangered types of Australian species?


We can save the animals by not poaching the animals, also people on Christmas island were trying to save an endangered animal called the “Pipistrelle Bat” one family got to hear the last vicious sound of the Pipistrelle Bat.

Lost’s of the tassie devils have a disease called the DEVIL FACIAL TUMOUR DISEASE also known as (DFTD) now in Tasmania there is only 10,000-50,000 left in the world!

What would you try to save a Little Baw Baw Frog that has basically zero chance of living or the tassie Devil, i would try to save the devil because they still have more than 2,000 frogs which is very sad in my opinion and you should be very sad as well. In 1996 there was a booming number of the small little creatures that we all have a soft  spot for. Now that the devil has been listed (endangered). We are now trying to find a cure for the facial tumors.I think we all need to donate money to foundations to support the endangered animals.

October 12

My Holiday Post

On third day of the holidays i went to a basketball tournament for my Representative basketball team, we came second out of 15 teams in under 16’s. That same day we went over to my beach house in Blairgowrie we first went out to the beach to see how ruff the beach was and also to see if we could put our big boat out. The next day some of my brothers friends came over my brother told me to bring the PlayStation remotes over but he said it in a bad voice and he did’t say please so i did’t, but his friend got 4 remotes and brought them over.

That night me and my dad made a fan out of recycled materials and it real made you cold! Then we hooked the boat up and headed down to the beach and we all made my brother put the boat in the water, it was very VERY funny because he got the boat in and he jumped in and tipped the boat luckily it was the small boat not the big boat, HE WAS SOAKED.

Over all at the end of the adventure we me and my dad plus dog were driving home we stopped at a food thingy and i said “You can get me any thing” and he got me a Big M and it was and egg flip one it was different.

When we got home my dog jumped onto her bed and brooked it.

October 9

Transit Program. :)

Today we went to our discovery center to learn about road safety and and transport. We learnt lots of the laws of transport, i figged out there is a (Safety Zone) at some train station.

Some of the issues they said were were the public transport is,  heath, if there is a elderly or pregnet person that does not have a seat you should give them your seat.

September 17

This Team Reflection.

Hello today i’ll going to be talking to you about the schools term!

I Hope You Enjoy It!

This term my school has been learning about Famous Australians, I learnt about Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

In maths we have been doing lots of  Bodmas. See if you can figer out this hard sum 3x= 12= 4?

  In religion we learnt about the genesis, the genesis is the a story related to like Noah’s Ark.

I’n literacy we have been taking notes on a topic like the environment and mental health.

Tell me if you have soled the problem!

BYE 🙂   



September 11

Mini Fair Time!

Today my school had a Mini Fair, my class did a hair spray the other classes did how many lollies in the jar, Book Stall, chocolate toss, cakes, Toy Sale’s and lots lots more.
I did some face painting and hair spray, the Mini Fair was for donating to Bahay Tuluyan so the children in the Philippines and to get the kids a rice fields and education.
The day was very existing and very fun and enjoyable.
Over all i love it!     
September 10

Learning From Students-

Being a learner from students and learning about poetry it has been an AWESOME experience!

My favorite type of poem was the List Poems, Villinale Poem and The Diamante Poem.

I did my poem on a lantern poem I learnt lots of new stuff and to be honest i don’t know that it was a real type of poem!

Here is my list poem!








steel the ball


and one more!



Grass Enilernater’s

Milk Masters

Mooing Mistorys

NON-Clever cows.

We all have done a very good different type of poem i think all the type of reaserch.

Lantern poem facts:

The Lantern poem was made in Japan, the Haiku poem is like the Lantern poem. If you have 4 lines in a row you will have to have 4 syllables. The Chinese people think of the lantern poem’s as calming.  

On May 8th Saturday, marks the first chinese Lantern poem of the year. The first lantern poem was made in 1854 the creature was 96 when he died.